by michaelhodges3

If anyone is confused by my references to ‘spying’, here’s a short explanation.  I have to be careful what I say for legal reasons, so let me preface my explanation by saying that what follows is my personal interpretation of what has happened. 

In 2011 I started emailing Pakistani journalist Shehrbano Taseer on various subjects.  She emailed me back a few times.  Then she stopped emailing me, and I started getting followed on Twitter by some strange accounts, saying some pretty strange things.  In my opinion, those accounts were Shehrbano using aliases.  Next development was that I realised she had hacked my computer.  Next development after that was the realisation she was spying on me by technological means other than computer-hacking.  We’re talking cameras and microphones.  The next development after that was realising that she’d put the footage onto the web for people to access if, I think, they were prepared to pay for the (somewhat dubious) privilege of doing so. 

And the whole situation has snowballed from there.  I have contacted the police twice about this, but in the absence of hard evidence, nothing has happened.

Anyway, I’m sitting here in the foyer of —, Exeter, tapping away at the public-access computer.  I’m racking my brains for something to compete with the popularity of my earlier post ‘First Post’, but it’s just not happening.  A few people have told me that I’d make a good writer, but what they don’t realise is that I don’t have writing stamina, and I can’t turn my writing ability off and on like flicking a switch.  It’s more like an ancient Egyptian water-clock; the water has to build up to a certain height before it overflows the vessel and wakens the sleeper beneath.  Plus I’m lazy.

One big issue on my mind at this point in time is global mega-disasters.  It’s partly been prompted by a book on astronomy I’m reading, which discusses the issue of asteroid strikes and what can be done about them.  Another issue I’ve pondered lately, kind of related to this, is that of the possibility of hostile, technologically advanced extra-terrestrials discovering the existence of the earth. 

More specifically, the fact that for the last hundred years or so, we’ve been sending out radio waves (produced by radio broadcasts, TV broadcasts etc) which, if intercepted by little green men, could tell them more than we would want them to know.  This is the kind of issue that people instinctively laugh at, and understandably so, given the unknowns and variables involved.  However, I’d guess that at one time, many or most people who heard of man-made climate change laughed at that too. 

I have no idea whatsoever how probable it is that an ‘Independence Day’ type of scenario might occur, beyond the perception that it vaguely seems very unlikely.  But if it did occur, or if any of various similar scenarios occurred , it would be seriously bad news.

It strikes me that if I want people to accept that what I’m saying about the ‘spying’ situation is true, I shouldn’t be writing about aliens, because to any reasonable person, someone who blogs the word ‘extraterrestrial’ is quite rightly categorised as being at least one sandwich short of a hamper-enclosed meal.  But, as they say in America (if The Simpsons is a trustworthy source of cross-cultural information), whatcha gonna do?  The kind of man who starts emailing a Pakistani journalist is perhaps likely to be the kind of man who blogs about aliens.

Talking of aliens, if anyone is wondering about the current whereabouts of Shahbaz Taseer, it is my suspicion that he is here in —, England, under the name ‘—‘.  But he doesn’t have green skin.