What the blog?

by michaelhodges3

Recently I have been questioning what my blog is for.  Some people have suggested that its placing of public-oriented and private-orientated material side by side may come across as unusual, or even inappropriate, to the general reader.  Some people have also commented that the private matters I talk about may be too private for a blog.  And, some people have expressed the opinion that, in discussing the spying-stalking situation I’m in, I may have gone too far in naming names.

I hope that I will take these comments on board.  Ultimately, however, its my blog and I have to decide what is and isn’t appropriate.  As someone said to me today, if someone blogs about things in general, (whether of a more personal or a more public nature), it helps to give the reader a more rounded picture of the blogger and their situation. 

I think that this is good advice, and it’s what I intend to do for now.  However, if anyone has any comments or criticisms to make about what I’m writing, or indeed any suggestions, please get in touch with your feedback.