Troubled thoughts

by michaelhodges3

The big issue on my mind at the moment is a personal one.  I have become afraid that the Taseers have bribed or intimidated a dentist to put something in a filling that will cause me to fall sick and die.  (I am not accusing anyone of having done this – I am reporting fears and suspicions that have been going through my mind).  It isn’t a pleasant situation to be in, and I find that this suspicion tends to push other thoughts out of the way, like a troublemaker elbowing their way to the front of a queue.

Thoughts of death and mortality aren’t neccessarily enjoyable, but I suppose that they do remind us of home truths regarding our lives.  Truths that can sometimes become obscured by our other concerns and priorities.  Such as the fact that every one of us is going to die at some point.  Or the fact (in my opinion, and the opinions of many people), that some part of us is immortal and will be born again.

The weather outside is beautiful this evening and I think it would be a good idea to go outside for a while.

See you later.