Cafe review

by michaelhodges3

I have just finished a meal at The Real Mc.Coy Cafe Bar, Fore Street, Exeter, Devon, England.
I went for the McCoys breakfast, £6.75, plus a pot of Westcountry tea, £1.80.
The Real McCoy has a 50s diner ambience, as far as the furniture and decor are concerned, but the background music was primarily 70s.
The man behind the counter was polite and amiable.
I had to wait a while for the food, given that I was the only customer in the place, but when it arrived, it was good, solid fare. Nothing to get excited about, but nothing to criticise either. A good, plain English breakfast. If I had to criticise, I would say that the tea was uninspiring, and that the meal as a whole was a little pricey for what it was.
Nevertheless, a pleasant enough experience, especially when other customers came in whilst I was sitting and digesting, to make things seem a little more sociable.
Food and drink: 6/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Value for money: 5/10