No particular subject

by michaelhodges3

Today has been a funny old day.

People have been acting a little strangely around me, in a way that suggests that someone…  has been falsifying some kind of paedophile evidence in relation to me.  Which is pretty much all I need.  I’m counting the days until this nightmare scenario I’m trapped in comes to an end.

In one way, I’ve only myself to blame because I’ve been lenient to the point of neglecting my responsibility to uphold and seek justice.  I’ve been taken for a fool, in short, except that I haven’t just been taken for one, I’ve been one.

Also, at the back of my mind, I ‘ve been worrying about the possibility of someone trying to kill me by means of dentistry- i.e. implanting something poisonous.  Which hasn’t particularly helped the kind of day I’ve had.  What makes me particularly angry is that, if it is that particular family behind all this, I would never treat them in that way.  In fact, I’ve gone out of my way to help them.


In terms of the world, I’m glad to see that Sharif and Modi seem to be establishing a good relationship.  Obviously, no one would really benefit from a a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.  However, going a a step further, the world could benefit from a peaceful and prosperous South Asia.  The region has a lot to offer the world, but it can’t fulfill its potential if it’s riven by conflict or bad relations.