Two occurrences

by michaelhodges3

Weather: today has been an overcast, cloudy day, but dry, and with a slight breeze.  (Exeter, England).


Today I discovered that my map-reading skills are very poor.  I was with a finding-work advisor trying to find on the ground a leaflet-delivery route.  I am interested in doing door-to door delivery to earn some money.  We must have spent an hour walking around, but with little success.  He thinks the map may be faulty.  I agree.


Also today, I saw a lady of a certain age on the bus, who had eyes like Shehrbano.  If it was her, she was in disguise.  I’m learning to not be too Sherlock Holmesy about these things, and to only draw conclusions that the evidence actually warrants.  In theory, anyway.  There was someone on the bus with striking, unusual eyes.