by michaelhodges3

I am sitting here, with a bus-to-catch within the near future, hurriedly tapping out words before it’s time to go.

I don’t have time to compose anything brilliant, so I’ll pick a random topic by flicking through a book, and choosing a word without looking.

[leaves desk]

The word chosen was ‘Lie’.

Lies are everywhere we look, ranging from soul-destroying, serious-consequences falsehoods, to little white lies designed to make the recipient feel better.

I suppose that one issue with lies is the intention behind them.  Are they designed to do good or ill?  Or are they simply the kind of tawdry, everyday lies used in advertising, and designed to get us to part with a few extra quid/bucks/etc?

For modern English society, I suppose that the pervasive, everyday lies of advertising are something of an iceberg, who’s seen and recognised aspects are probably outweighed by the unnoticed and subliminal ones.  Is this a problem?  Yes, because it helps to reduce or undermine a respect for truth within public life.  I’m not talking about lying in the pub over a few drinks, I’m talking about Big Issues in Public Life.  It’s difficult to have worthwhile public debate and discussion without some kind of underlying commitment to truth.

Bye, bus to catch.