A Clarification

by michaelhodges3

I’m not sure whether to write what I’m about to write. Elizabeth the Queen Mother allegedly once said ‘Never complain, and never explain’. Advice that possibly applies to what I’m about to say.
Nevertheless, here goes.
I suspect that there has been an ongoing ‘smearing’ campaign against me, based on trying to link me with paedophile activity. I presume the rationale behind it is to try to justify the ‘spying’, on the grounds of public safety.
I would like to clarify things.
As referred to above, in the post ‘A Guilty Conscience’, 8 April 2014, when I was very psychologically ill, and living in my bedroom, cut off from the world, I did some inappropriate drawings of imaginary adolescent girls. I recognise that those drawings were wrong.
However, those drawings were the only paedophile thing that I’ve ever done. It’s true to say that I’ve never been a danger to children and adolescents.
This is an awkward subject to discuss, and I apologise to anyone who is offended by me discussing it. However, I think that it’s important to be clear about issues like this, so that people can make discussions on the basis of facts.