Weekly spying diary, July 23rd 2014

by michaelhodges3

This week has been quite quiet in terms of spying campaigning. However, today I finally got around to writing a draft of an anti-spying online petition. I’m not entirely sure how to word it. Keep it simple I suppose.
Also today, a resident of the hospital where I was before I moved here has moved here into the same clinic I am now in. Which is relevant because, when we were in hospital, I strongly suspected her of being a Taseer in disguise. Likewise, one of the residents here who I suspected of being a different Taseer in disguise, and who moved out recently, to a different locality, is now here again. I’m not sure for how long but he said a week.
And also today, I took a couple hours out of what I had earmarked as campaigning time to do a photography class. I justified it to myself on the grounds that being a better photographer could help to make me a better campaigner, but I think it may partly have been laziness creeping in.
Take care,