Weekly diary, August 6th 2014

by michaelhodges3

This week has been a week of deja vu.
Yesterday there was an incident of ‘that’ in the library, followed by going back to my flat and receiving some car-horn-sounding. I have just checked my petition, and discovered that no-one has signed it for a while. I find this suspicious, given that probably millions of people have seen it. It feels like I’m trapped in a cycle of events that just goes on and on forever, like a hamster in a wheel.
I don’t understand why the spying is so popular. I would have hoped that people who like me would have avoided the spying for my sake. And I would have thought that people who hate me would also prefer not to spy on me, for different reasons.
I think the underlying problem could be that I started off dealing with the spying in a mouselike way, and now the world is stuck in ‘mouse’ mode.
If you don’t like the influence I seem to have on the world, join the club because I don’t like it either. I worry that the world is being shaped to some extent (even if people don’t realise it) by someone whose problems and lack of experience make them highly unsuitable for this role. (Also, I have read that it is possible for someone who has some of the things wrong with them that I have, to have an uncanny, ‘supernatural’ influence on events. I’m not saying that this really is the case, but I do wonder).
I don’t like the effect that the spying is having on the world’s morals. It looks like the spying started out as something less serious (although still serious), and has gradually become more serious. And somehow, people seem to have gone along with it. THE SPYING IS WRONG. And the biggest danger is that people get so used to it that they forget that it’s wrong. I can think of various historical examples where that kind of acclimatisation has happened.
This situation isn’t a world war, or a battle between ‘stars’. It’s a situation of a victim (albeit a rather foolish one) of a series of crimes and misdeeds, and the perpetrators of those misdeeds. Ultimately, it’s a situation of a failure of the British state in carrying out some of its responsibilities.
Take care,