Weekly diary, October 1, 2014

by michaelhodges3

Another week of ‘spying’.

I want you to wake up, and what I want you to wake up to is this: a world in which ‘spying’ is seen as valid entertainment is a world in which human rights are trampled on just a little bit more.

Try to remember the world before spying.  If you had come across something like this then, maybe you would have been shocked.  But now you see it as normal.  It’s not normal.  Spying on someone isn’t normal, and spying on someone doing very private things, without their permission, definitely isn’t normal.

Why don’t you talk openly about what’s happening?  Is it because you’re afraid getting into trouble with the police?  I’ve consulted a couple of legal opinions so far, and they both thought it would be unlikely that someone who came forward to give information would be prosecuted.  Is it because you’re afraid of what people might think of you?  There are already so many ‘customers’ in the world that being open about what’s happening puts you on a higher moral level than keeping quiet.

Try being open about what’s happening, if you have any courage or decency.  I don’t want to set myself up as some kind of hero, because if I was an ordinary person who came across something like this, I might not have the courage to speak openly about it.  I’d like to think I would, but I might not.  The thing is though, this isn’t just about me, it’s about all of us who are involved in this situation: victim/s, spies and customers.  The whole thing is a mess, and it needs to be sorted out.

Imagine if it was happening to you, or a friend or relative.

Take care,