Weekly diary, November 7th, 2014

by michaelhodges3

This week, I have been settling into my new home.  Inevitably, part of this has been agonising over security threats or potential security threats.

Part of it, however, has been tidying up, and deciding what things to throw away.  As a bit of a hoarder, I generally tend to keep things.

Why are some people like this?  I like to think it’s based on having love and affection towards inanimate objects.  If something has been a part of your life for some time, inevitably, it will have certain memories for you.  Even if it’s something you’d forgotten about, you may still feel that you have some kind of responsibility towards that object.  And maybe some people feel that kind of resonsibility more keenly than others.

It can be a difficult thing, letting go of the past and moving on.  Because the relationships we have with other people and things aren’t necessarily just harmful feelings of ‘attachment’, in a Buddhist sense (if I’ve understood the idea of attachment correctly).  They may be feelings that mean something.  Feelings that go deep within us.

At the moment, my feelings of loyalty are divided between the place where I used to live, and the people I knew there, and the place where I am now, with it’s new people.  I tend to take longer than most people to adapt to new circumstances.  Maybe it has something to do with thinking too much.  I don’t know.

Take care,


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