Spying journal, 15th December 2014

by michaelhodges3

Hello.  It seems like its time for me to blog about spying again.

You know, it can’t be a good thing for society that the spying is being allowed to happen.  It goes against human rights.  In a democracy like Britain’s, the rights of the individual are supposed to be protected.  And society is like a huge, living organism.  If something goes wrong in one part, it can spread to other parts.  The spying sends the message that some seriously bad things are actually ok.  Spying is slowly and subtly corrupting society.

Realistically, I’m not expecting any one person to stand up and deal with everything on my behalf.  However, in an organism, the various parts work together.  So if people in general become less and less careful about maintaining secrecy, slowly and gradually, spying will gradually drift out more and more into the public arena, as something that people can talk about.

It is the kind of thing that needs to be talked about.  I don’t see the spying as a ‘war’ between ‘stars’, or as a popularity contest.  I see it as a set of things that have gone wrong relating to an individual, but also to human rights and society.  Things that, realistically, have to be put right.  Things that have to be put right because what would it mean if they aren’t?  Would would the effect on society be?  What would it mean for individuals?  How will the history books of the future judge us?

Take care,


P.S.  I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me some feedback on how I’m doing at ‘campaigning’ on this issue.  Because it’s sometimes hard to tell.